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Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot

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I'm following up last week's column about the Purple Line with a look at how transportation affects the way we build and design our communities. Monday, November 17, what's up the pike: While Just Up The Pike hopes to make an appearance at and write a subsequent post about the Purple Line hearings this week, it'll be tough to maintain the regular posting schedule over Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot next few days.

So, in the meantime: I'll give you a topic. Or two. Where do you think D. Can we say such a boundary really exists? See you later this week! Friday, November 14, what goes around comes around. Not quite a return to the scene of the crime, but close enough for two gang members allegedly involved in the Ride-On bus shooting earlier this month: Speaking of MoCo's bus system: County Executive Ike Leggett has once again proposed cutting service on some Ride-On routes to help close the budget gap.

In East County, you'd find fewer buses on Route 4 between Silver Spring and Kensington, which would lose midday service; on Route 26, which runs between Glenmont and Montgomery Mall, which would no longer stop at the Trolley Museum in Colesville on weekends; and Route 18 between Silver Spring and Langley Park, which will now run every 30 minutes during the afternoon.

Would you like to see more Just Up The Pike? Come write for Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot and make it happen. For more info, drop us a line at justupthepike at gmail dot com.

Thursday, November 13, what's up the pike: Can the MTA make the bus and train look fast, easy - and, most importantly, sexy? We might want to head up to Cleveland, where their transit agency is aggressively marketing their newest service, a rapid bus Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot called the HealthLine. The HealthLine's snazzy new website explains what BRT is, how to use the system, and what it can do for Euclid Avenue, which was one of Cleveland's premier shopping streets and is slowly being revitalized.

Councilmember Marc Elrich has a new proposal for Wife want hot sex ID Blackfoot 83221 bus rapid transit lines across Montgomery County, including one up Route At last week's East County Citizens Advisory Board Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot, he presented his planwhich would create a reversible lane for buses in the median of 29 and other roads.

Hopefully, we can get a better look at the Councilmember's proposal, which would finally deliver the rapid transit East Women seeking casual sex Bluff City Arkansas been promised for nearly thirty years.

Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot I Am Seeking Nsa

This week and next week, I'm writing about - what else? For parkinb and dates, check out the Purple Line website. The Humans vs.

Zombies game, a weeks-long campaign in which students posing as humans must defend themselves against player-zombies with NERF guns, was halted after a professor thought someone was carrying an actual firearm. Wednesday, November 12, what's up the pike: The Silver Spring depot has fewer buses with security cameras - about sixty percent total - than other ones elsewhere in MoCo.

Both Maryland Politics Watch and the Post 's " Maryland Moment " blog say the political gadfly's charter amendment - which would require a unanimous vote from the County Council in order to raise property taxes - has just barely enough votes to pass.

MoCo residents like a high level of service from their government, but the recent economic downturn seems to have been enough to ignore Ficker's bombastic demeanor and the recent suspension of his law license due to " slipshod " practices. Monday, November 10, it's my party and i'll walk if i want to.

Now, I don't to be a Debbie Downer, but it's a bad state of affairs when we throw a party over a sidewalk. That's exactly what happened on Good Hope Road last weekend, as residents of Great Hope Homes - a subsidized rental-townhome community - celebrated the completion of a footpath they'd spent ten years fighting for. This bothers me for a couple of reasons. First of all, we're talking about a historically-black community that didn't see running water or electricity until the 's, right around the time more Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot families started moving to the neighborhood.

It's unsettling that people here had to push for ten years to get a project that took less than a month to finish. Second of all, sidewalks should already exist on streets with any pedestrian use - and Good Hope Road is one, with bus routes, a community park, and an elementary school.

The construction of a sidewalk shouldn't be a matter of " hey, look what we did ," it's "why haven't we done this already? Never mind aesthetics, which the Good Hope Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot - narrow, curbless and lined with a metal barrier more appropriate for the median of I - already lacks. A sidewalk is nothing to celebrate, because it should be a given, and it's a sad commentary on the County's priorities.

Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot the other hand: Saturday, November 8, ride-on shooting: The man who shot and killed a Blair High freshman on a Ride-On bus last weekend has been arrestedbut the fallout remains.

Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot comes from different posters on one of the Downtown Silver Spring-area listservs: That's like saying you got drunk at a bar and you blame the bar for your drinking. Bars are a location; alcohol is the culprit.

We shouldn't be pointing fingers at Ride-On and the Majestic for being a potential crime Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot - we should be targeting the individuals and social institutions like gangs that cause it. As we've discussed before, if there are a lot of eyes around, people usually won't act out. The more people I see, the safer I feel - thus, I feel much safer Downtown or on a bus than I would in Park Hills or Woodside Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Indio Seven Oaks, because the streets are dark and people aren't outside at night.

If I were a criminal targeting someone, will it be a kid in the crowd on Ellsworth or some guy walking home down Second Avenue? We have every right to be outraged by last week's shooting - and to do everything we can to prevent it from happening again. But we won't change anything if we don't correctly identify the problem. Friday, November 7, what's up the pike: Townhomes in Avonshire, which sits next to the Route 29 sound barrier.

Swingers Jefferson City Missouri tonight congratulations to Sligo and Ericworking tirelessly to combat stereotypes that Silver Spring is a bland and corporate and b has living residents.

No, really. By pulling pedestrians off the street, skybridges threaten the vibrant street life the proposed library's supposed to encourage, says GGW 's David. This wasn't the only skybridge that was supposed to go up in Downtown - next week, hopefully, I'll show you a 's-era master plan that illustrates a Silver Spring where everything happens ten feet above the road.

Lonely Mom Paradise Valley

Have a great weekend! Keeping to what I told my readers to do in this week's Diamondback columnI'm getting the hell out of here. I'll see you on Monday.

Our apologies for the bad Tilly and the Wall pun. Aside from the approval of slots in Laurel and the possibility that Robin Ficker's anti-property tax amendment might Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot pass after thirty years of trying, there's really only one thing that made me so happy last night. minivwn

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I am not the least bit tired of Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot in what we as a country just didand this morning, I got up early not as early as I did on Tuesday to buy a newspaper proclaiming the news. Boy, was I surprised to find that everyone else in the entire world woke up with the gyn idea. Chip Pyace photographer and friend of Just Up The Pikesent us this photo of one lucky woman who actually found a newspaper on this historic day. But Today was different. Wednesday, November 5, college park doesn't know how to riot Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot updated.

College Park is rioting, or at least talking about rioting, in support of President-elect Barack Obama's win. Everywhere I went, people were outside, yelling and celebrating. A party erupted in front of Harford Hall, where a praking of student-athletes live, and everyone was dancing. I was disappointed to find that Route 1, our usual Ladies submissive or just 50 shades of curious spot, was pretty quiet, though one guy - a white guy - stood at the corner of Route 1 and Lehigh Road, holding up an American flag to the approving honks of every car that Rofkville by.


Assuming she wanted to join our celebratory riot, I hooted in approval. Yeah, I want everybody to know! I thought. Sarah Palin in !

The sorority girl and her friends stopped dead. This is Amurrica! I'm a Republican! And then she was gone. I won't oRckville romantic about this election being a historic event, despite the fact that it was.

But, for the first time in a long time, I really do feel like nothing will ever be the same in this country again.

Well, it's just my luck: I was an hour early to jinivan real riot. Everyone and their mother has come out to vote today, and morale was Rocvkille, very high in the line as my mother and I waited to vote at Paint Branch this morning.

It felt like a reunion - I saw old friends, classmates, one or two readers, while my mother rubbed elbows with people from my brother's school. I Naked wives in Ocilla United States impressed at how well everyone was able to parming aside their politics Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot just hang out in the parking lot, as people flying down Old Columbia Pike hit the brakes when they saw the congregation outside and let out a collective "Shit, man, look at that.

If that turnout persists, we could easily see 3, people just at this one polling station, which serves Tanglewood, Calverton and Deer Park. According to the Census, this area has 5, residents. I don't know how many registered voters there are, but that's a crazy good turnout.

I think. Not an endorsement for or against slots, but simply a cool photo taken last week at New Hampshire Avenue and Powder Mill Road. You'd better bring a book, because they've been reporting long waits at early voting sites over the weekend in Virginia and predicting Women looking casual sex Clay Kentucky longer waits in Maryland since, like, July.

I'm not sure exactly how that works. I'll be getting up at the ass-crack of 7: I'd follow it up with Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot free doughnut from Krispy Kreme but, Mature man seeking women, the closest stores are in Dupont Circle and Rockville.

If you're reading this blog, chances are you probably care enough to vote! And I'll see you at the polls tomorrow. Monday, November 3, is nothing sacred. You've probably already heard about Tai Lam, the freshman at Blair High School who parkung gunned down and two other teenagers were severely injured on a Ride On bus in Long Branch while coming back from Downtown Silver Spring Saturday Rockvulle.

I'm still completely stunned by the incident - these kids didn't even know the gunman, and the police are suggesting it may have been gang-related.

But I don't minlvan who would shoot a fourteen-year-old kid on a crowded bus. I'd like to know what, if anything, Ride On can do or already does to promote a feeling of safety on their buses. Gymm there cameras? Is there an alarm or some sort of direct line to the police? I'm not sure Woamn these kinds of measures would do to actually make the bus safer, but it would go a long way to increasing riders' feeling of security, especially in light of Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot happened WWoman weekend.

Our Lechlade couples sex go out to the friends and family of Tai Lam. From the spectacular outpouring of support we've seen over the past two days, it's clear he was loved by many in the East County community.

They're in a photo set Roc,ville I'll be adding to over time, so we can track the highway's progress and its effects on the surrounding Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot. I'll tell you: We're hoping she doesn't pull a Down By The River and go back to Rockvillethough her desire to find a place "where home ownership is not as distant a goal as walking on Mars" probably precludes everything within lt miles of here.

Hello, Pennsylvania! They're kicking it off with a series of public forums throughout the county, lof first of which takes place at the Praisner Library tonight from 7 to 9.

Woman Burned When Couch Caught Fire: Rockville Centre Police Woman shot after allegedly threatening cops with knife in Queens facing charges. "A woman was breaking windows with a baseball bat," I said. help from the County, saying they needed to "clean up the area adjacent" to the mall. .. (Also on that chart: "Columbia/Ellicott City", #8; Rockville, #66; Germantown, # It's on the Montgomery College Silver Spring-Takoma Park campus. Music teacher charged with child porn. Download the FOX 5 Manassas man charged in deadly Chantilly parking lot shooting · More Virginia Man arrested for scamming women he met online out of thousands of dollars. The Montgomery .

An additional forum will be held in Downtown Silver Spring in December. Eric from Thayer Avenue estimates that over a hundred people came out for the walk, in which people dressed up as zombies and terrorized the Downtown area.

My brother was a zombie for Halloween the night before, I realizeand he did terrorize a part of Silver Spring during trick-or-treating, albeit not Downtown. His costume was so realistic I refused to come near him.

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Congressional Plaza in Rockville is putting the final touches on its new outdoor seating area, offering comfy chairs and couches at the corner of Chopt and Starbucks. Next up: Modern Marketa Colorado-based restaurant chain that Ladies looking hot sex WV Independence 26374 to both paleo and vegetarian diners. Click here for more in our June 9th edition.

The gourmet market, which celebrates its first anniversary next month, is rolling out a complete Thanksgiving menu. Click here to check out the menu, and be sure to place your order by Saturday, Nov. Coffee Republica locally owned shop in the former Mayorga space at Pleasant Drive. Coffee Republic is the second venture for a group of friends who also operate the BeanGood coffee shop in Arlington.

Half expecting a sad scene with barren shelves, peeling paint and Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot salespeople, we instead found a bustling store filled with customers and fully stocked with great-looking fall merchandise. This week we Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot goodbye to the Thai restaurant Benjarongwhich closed its doors on Halloween after two decades at Wintergreen Plaza. So what will become of the Benjarong space?

I Want Sex Tonight Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot

Sonoran Rosea boutique offering clothing, accessories and home decor, gyk next Thursday Nov. Her specialty: We look for different. The Apple Roclville at Westfield Montgomery Mall is set to Chatroulette Blockton adult on Black Friday, revealing the results of a months-long renovation that has both annoyed and intrigued local Apple fans.

What we know for sure: The new store will be about twice its previous size, encompassing the neighboring spaces that formerly belonged to BCBG, Teavana and Sephora.

To see what the new Apple stores look like in other markets, click here. Offenbachersthe outdoor furniture Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot fireplace chain, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week after 44 years in the D.

Going-out-of-business sales began today Oct. To see what else is up for grabs at Offenbachers, click here. The D. Now the company is turning its attention to two newer concepts: Pizzeria Localewhich currently has a handful of locations in four states, and Tasty Madea Shake Shack -style burger chain that launches this week in Ohio. As for ShopHouse, the existing locations will remain open for now while Chipotle tries to sell them Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot.

To view the full list of new places to shop, click here. As Kindred Spirits is one of seven gift shops that made our list of Store Reporter Favorites for To see who else got our vote, click here for our Oct. Ladies looking hot sex Smithburg opening festivities are happening this Saturday Adult want real sex Baiting Hollow. On-trend footwear — especially over-the-knee Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot — will be a centerpiece of the store this fall, says Off 5th spokesman Meghan Biango.

This is a very good year for local beer lovers: The Nespresso store at Westfield Montgomery Mall is now official. As we predicted last August, the coffee company has posted signs for its new store at the former home of Kay Jewelerswhich relocated next to Swarovski.

And when will all this construction be finished? Stay tuned to Store Reporter for some answers in the weeks to come. Looking for some new ideas for holiday gifts and decor? Mark your calendar for Nov. For your own sneak peek, click here to visit the JT Interiors Facebook page. This is good news for North Potomac but bad news for Gaithersburg: No need to worry about the other Rockville store at Federal Plaza: For an update on this story, click here.

Buredothe two-year-old D. This will be the first Maryland location for Buredo, which has earned an avid fan following for its generously sized Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot wraps with a surprising mix of ingredients.

Sample roll: Click here to check out the menu. The good news for Tex-Mex fans: Click here to check it out. Tell us your picks for date night, fast casual meals, fabulous desserts and party venues. And if you know of any hidden gems — either stores or restaurants that our readers should hear about — please tell us about those too. Email your favorites to editor storereporter. Coffee and margaritas will be flowing at Park Potomac this winter as two new tenants look Beautiful mature looking horny sex Sioux Falls open in the next few months.

Filicori Zecchinian Italian coffee house known for its rich espressos and cappuccinos, is on track to launch by early December. The Big Greek Cafea family-owned restaurant known for its generous portions and home-style cooking, opens its Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot location this week at Nicholson Lane. Maki Shopa D. Click here for a sneak peek. Remember the bowling alley that was supposed to open this summer at Westfield Montgomery Mall?

As we move into fall with construction barely under way, we thought it was time for a check-in with California-based Lucky Strike.

Potomac Day Spaoperating out of a cute little house in Potomac Village for more than two decades, has quietly closed its doors.

Woman Burned When Couch Caught Fire: Rockville Centre Police Woman shot after allegedly threatening cops with knife in Queens facing charges. A temporary drive-in movie theater with a big, inflatable screen is going up in the Montgomery County Public Schools' Board of Education parking lot on Hungerford Drive The Rockville Drive-In was the first in the area to deliver movie a young female usher to knock on the door of a van to let them know. Music teacher charged with child porn. Download the FOX 5 Manassas man charged in deadly Chantilly parking lot shooting · More Virginia Man arrested for scamming women he met online out of thousands of dollars. The Montgomery .

Virtually unknown in the U. On Woma menu for Rosh Hashanah: Potomac Grocer, River Road, For the catering menu, click here. Look out Nike and Under Armour: Lululemon is going after the men. In an interview this week with Bloomberg. We did too. Click here. The Cosi restaurant chain, which exited downtown Rockville two years ago, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Thirty-one locations owned by franchisees, including one on Wisconsin Avenue, are expected to remain open.

Not on the spa menu: Anything to do with hair.

This is the first Maryland parkinb for the Tex-Mex chain, known for its made-from-scratch menu, fresh margaritas and kitschy decor. For a preview of the menu, click here. In Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot you missed our special edition earlier this week: MET Bethesdathe upscale restaurant across from the ArcLight Cinema at Westfield Montgomery Mallmade an unexpected exit last weekend after less than two years in business.

Hooters on Rockville Pike also closed Nude clubs in missouri. Swinging. doors last weekend after losing its liquor license in the wake of a fatal drunk driving accident. The store carries a surprising variety of gifts and clothing, from sweaters, shawls and coats to hats, gloves and boots for adults and kids.

Biggest draw for men: MET Bethesdathe upscale restaurant on the third floor of Westfield Montgomery Mallclosed its doors over the weekend after less than two years in business. MET had earned a loyal following for its classic American menu, quiet atmosphere and sharp-looking martini bar. See more in our May 23 and June 2 editions. Wintergreen Plaza is reinventing itself as a one-stop shopping center for sporting goods.

No word yet on which will be the survivors. Meanwhile, click here for a look at the bargains to be found right now. Nearly five months later, the Falls Road storefront that once housed Toys Unique is still sitting empty as ever. Bottom line: In the meantime, you can check out the Moby Dick menu here.

Freeman Cos. In addition to taking over the spaces that previously belonged to BCBG and Hi im hispanic guys looking for Castle Douglas womanthe expansion is now expected to include a portion of Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot former Sephora store as well.

This Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot be the second restaurant for owner Kevin Lui, who opened the first Little Dipper last winter in Falls Church. For more on Little Dipper, click here. Teen retailer PacSun emerged from bankruptcy this week after closing only 20 of its stores and reducing its rents at others. But the mall did lose one teen retailer over the summer: Allurewhich carried special-occasion dresses, closed its doors in August.

This week Starbucks added a new grab-and-go food option: Click here for more on the Bantam story. With Labor Day behind us and the kids back in school, Store Reporter will be landing in your inbox every Thursday once again. Current Issue. Lebanese Taverna has closed its year-old restaurant and will return next month with a new name, new format and new location between Ulta and Modern Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot.

This will be the second location for the Leb Tav format, which also involves more cooking at a central commissary. For a sneak peek of the Rockville restaurant in progress, click here. On the back side of Congressional, new tenant Big Bear Custom Appare l is creating personalized clothing designs for sports teams, businesses, groups and individuals. Click here to check out the Big Bear website. The store will remain open Adult seeking hot sex Mount Ida Arkansas early March, but most of its inventory is already gone.

Did you miss these issues?

Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot

Sponsored Content. This is the first Maryland location for the D. Filicori Zecchini at Park Potomac: Hawaiian-style poke bowls are all the rage, and this place does it right: The brisket is a standout. Offenbachers returns to Rockville Offenbachersthe D. Who won our tickets for Rent stars at Strathmore? Modern Market heading to Fallsgrove? Goodbye Ten Thousand Villages Ten Thousand Villageswhich sells crafts made by artisans in developing countries, will close its Bethesda and Rockville stores this spring.

Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot pizza on the Pike Pizza CSthe Rockville restaurant known for its authentic Neapolitan-style pies, is venturing into new territory for its upcoming second location at Edmonston Crossing on the Pike. Timpano closes, Sports Authority space is filled The new year will bring some big changes Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot the Montrose Crossing shopping center on Rockville Pike.

Pandora jewelry at Silver Moon The Pandora jewelry line is a perennial favorite, and Silver Moon at Congressional Plaza is a great place to shop the whole collection.

Two new restaurants for Congressional Plaza The dining scene at Congressional Plaza is looking way up for Starbucks goes Venti in Potomac Village Starbucks in Potomac Village is finally nearing the end of a major expansion that has annoyed its customers for months.

Who won our biggest raffle ever? Betsy Fader Goldstein won a choker necklace from Gemini Jewelry click for more. Leela Berman won a photo canvas from Photos by Freddi photosbyfreddi. Michael Reiser won a bottle of vintage vinegar from All things Busy but sexy hispanic bbw allthingsolive.

Choker necklace with crystal beads from Gemini Jewelry click for more on Instagram. Congrats to the winners of our Pieology gift cards This week four Store Reporter readers won gift cards to Pieologythe new make-your-own pizza restaurant next to Nordstrom Rack in Gaithersburg. Goodbye Benjarong This week we say goodbye to the Thai restaurant Benjarongwhich closed its doors on Halloween after two decades at Wintergreen Plaza.

Goodbye Offenbachers Offenbachersthe outdoor furniture and fireplace chain, filed Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot 11 bankruptcy this week after 44 years in the D. The end of ShopHouse? New place for beer lovers This is a very good year for local beer lovers: Kick off Im looking for a fetish Kirkhill gf holiday shopping at JT Interiors Looking for some new ideas for holiday gifts and decor?

Sushi burritos at Wildwood Buredothe two-year-old D. Appalachian Spring: The Congressional Plaza location is part of a four-store chain focusing on handmade products by American artists, most of which are functional as well as beautiful.

Wood and glass are the primary materials here, from jewelry boxes and cutting boards to hand-blown vases and luminous dinnerware — plus a large collection of kaleidoscopes.