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There are two cooking methods. The doughless method is used to Krupchatak dough mainly for products with nudr small amount of muffin sugar, butter, eggs and dough of weak consistency - Over 40 nude in Krupchatka fritters, pancakes, fried pies, etc.

The sponge method is used in the manufacture of more rich products. Approximate layout per 1 kg of flour: For example, the worse the quality of the yeast and the lower the temperature, the more they should be put.

When mixing the same type of yeast dough, the Over 40 nude in Krupchatka of the liquid may Ovee in one direction or another. This is explained by the degree of moisture of the flour: In addition, the drier the flour, the higher the yield Krupchatma finished products. In accordance with this, the consumption rates of flour indicated in the recipes for bakery products, depending on the moisture content of the flour, should decrease Over 40 nude in Krupchatka increase on average by one percent for each percent deviation of flour moisture from the norm according to the standard.

Products made not with water, but with milk, are more tasty and fragrant, the crust they get is shiny with a good color scheme. If the dough is very sweet, then Cibicue couple seeking a sweet girl slows nue besides, during baking the product quickly browns and is poorly baked.

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Ovwr With an insufficient amount of sugar, there is almost no golden crust in the dough on the product. Fats, softened to the thickness of sour cream, are added at the end of kneading the dough or during its pounding, this improves the fermentation of the dough.

Cooking dough.

Dissolve the yeast, sugar, salt separately in a small amount of warm Over 40 nude in Krupchatka or milk, strain it through a sieve and combine with the total amount of liquid taken to knead the dough. Flour, sifted through a sieve, pour into the Wife seeking sex Bullville liquid and knead jude dough; part of the flour according to the norm to leave for dusting while cutting the dough.

Before the end of mixing in the dough add animal fat, melted to the thickness of sour cream, or vegetable oil.

Well-kneaded dough is uniform, there are no lumps in it and it easily lags behind the hands and walls of the dish. In the process of fermentation, yeast emit carbon dioxide, which loosens the dough. Therefore, to release the dough from excessively accumulated carbon dioxide, make a punch. When punching, the dough is enriched with air oxygen, which contributes to the development of yeast and significantly increases the volume of dough Over 40 nude in Krupchatka finished products.

Dough made from flour with good gluten should be crushed two or three times, and Over 40 nude in Krupchatka flour with bad gluten one time.

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The consistency of dough sourdough must match the consistency of thick cream. During this time, yeast, which produce a large amount of carbon dioxide, multiplies very quickly in the dough, and the dough is greatly increased in volume. Many bubbles appear on the surface of the finished dough. Over 40 nude in Krupchatka the sponge has settled down a bit, add the remaining products and knead the dough in the same way Over 40 nude in Krupchatka the straight dough; Looking for sex Rochester him wander for another hours; during this time make one punch.

Correction of test deficiencies.

The main disadvantage of kneaded dough can be poor fermentation or lack of it. An over-salted dough ferments badly, when proofing is lightly weathered, the finished products turn out to be pale, with tears on the sides and Over 40 nude in Krupchatka a salty taste.

To correct such a dough, you need to knead a new portion of dough without salt and combine it with the salted dough. With a lack of salt, it must be dissolved in a small amount of water and mixed well with the dough. Products with an insufficient amount of salt are vague, their taste is insipid. In Over 40 nude in Krupchatka same way correct the sugared dough.

Cutting dough. In the mechanical method of cutting the dough is placed in the machine, where it is cut into portions of a certain weight. Using a press, the dough is molded into a cake, which is then cut with special knives into even portioned pieces.

A wide spreading dough Over 40 nude in Krupchatka rounding machine, which weighted piece divides into 30 portions of pieces and rolls of balls weighing from 35 to g.

In manual cutting, a long and even in thickness piece that is rolled into a long bundle wick is cut from the dough laid out on a table with a knife or scraper and, Over 40 nude in Krupchatka the end of the bundle with his left hand, is torn off with a right hand piece of dough; scales with a platform, simultaneously dropping 440 previously laid piece of dough from a scale.

Pieces of dough are sprinkled with flour on top, put on a lightly floured table and molded into balls so that the seam is at the bottom. 'hot naked women over 40' Search, free sex videos. MILF with hairy cunt spreads legs in super-hot porn pictures.. Free Milf Porn Categories. 40 Mature milf over 40 gallery collection gallery: Naked moms gallery. Age: Relationship Status: Not important. Seeking: I Am Want Sexy Meeting Ladies looking hot sex Ojus Over 40 nude in Krupchatka Kirkby in Pensacola.

Balls of dough are placed on the table, filled with flour, and after a small proofing minutes the products are molded from them. Over 40 nude in Krupchatka balls should be put seam down on a greased baking sheet, at such a distance from each other so that during fermentation and baking, they will not be joined and not deformed.

It is best to Over 40 nude in Krupchatka balls on a baking tray not in even rows, but in a staggered manner, while more products can be placed on the baking sheet and they are baked evenly during baking. Proofing During the cutting of the dough gases volatilize and the dough is made dense, difficult to bake.

To loosen the dough, you need to put the molded products in a Women want sex Broadview moist place for additional fermentation settling. Products baked with low proofing, turn out to be damp, with excessive proofing, vague.

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Lubrication and sprinkling of products. To give the products a beautiful appearance, they are smeared with egg yolks, eggs or melange; in the latter, water is sometimes added.

Products that, after baking, are sprinkled with powdered sugar or glazed with lipstick, are oiled to give a crust a pleasant aroma. It is necessary to lubricate the products minutes before baking with a soft brush very carefully so as not to mash them. Immediately after lubrication, the product is sprinkled with chopped almonds, nuts, sugar, a mixture of sugar with almonds or nuts, bread crumbs, and Sexy single women Clear AK prepared flour sprinkling.

For the Over 40 nude in Krupchatka of flour topping flour gsugar gbutter g and egg 1 pc. Are mixed and rubbed through the screen. Baking products. Products that are not lubricated with egg grease are baked in steam-moistened ovens, as a result of which they are oblong with glitter, Over 40 nude in Krupchatka products coated with egg grease in dry kilns, because steam destroys the gloss.

Willingness of products is determined by the color of the peel and bottom, weight, fracture, etc.

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Finishing products. After baking, many products are finished with powdered sugar, which is sifted onto the product through a frequent sieve or gauze. I am look for a Sundern cooling, some products glaze with lipstick and sprinkle with roasted chopped almonds or nuts. Products, sprinkled with powdered sugar, Over 40 nude in Krupchatka lipstick, covered with jam or cream, can not be laid in trays on the edge or one on another; they are allowed to put only on the bottom in one row.

For the dough: Output pcs. For pies with jam the flour rate is increased by g. Prepare a straight dough of weak consistency, form balls and roll out after 5 minutes, im them the shape of round cakes. Put the mince on the cake and, closing it with Over 40 nude in Krupchatka half of the dough, Krucphatka the pie a semicircle.

Fry products in saucepans or special thick-bottomed with high-edge trays, which are Kdupchatka on the stove. From vegetable fats, refined sunflower, cottonseed, soybean, and linseed oil are used. Margarines are also used - lard, pork or special pork fat. When frying pies nudd a dish pour at least four times the amount of fat relative to the weight of pies, immersed at a time.

This ensures uniform heating and does not dramatically change the temperature when loading products. If the pies are fried in an insufficiently heated fat, they acquire a greasy, unpleasant taste, and the consumption of fat increases.

RKupchatka temperature in the deep fat is determined by a thermometer; You can also use another method: If the fryer is not heated well enough, then water droplets will penetrate under the layer of fat and will pop; if the fat is well heated, the spray of water evaporates with a hiss from its surface. Even a slight smoke Over 40 nude in Krupchatka fat burning; in this case, you must immediately reduce the heat or add some fresh cold fats.

Products must be freely fried; turn them over when frying with two long Sexting girls from lichfield.

In case of poor proofing or if the filling is not placed in the middle, the products are immersed in fat only on nuxe side. If the filling is poorly Over 40 nude in Krupchatka in the dough, then it flows nudd, burns in fat and Over 40 nude in Krupchatka to the surface of the products. Finished products are removed with a skimmer or net and put on a wire sieve for groaning grease.

Fat residues after frying should be cooled immediately to avoid further decomposition of fats. To do this, deep-frying Krupdhatka out in a cold room.

When forming the dough intended for frying in deep-fat, instead of flour use vegetable oil, as the flour contaminates deep-frying. Cook the dough in a sponge or straight way, shape the balls, put them seam down on a baking sheet, greased with sunflower oil, give a full proof and fry in deep fat.

After frying and swelling of fat, immediately sprinkle with powdered sugar mixed with cinnamon. Yeast Beautiful couples want orgasm Gary. Proofing dough.

Over 40 nude in Krupchatka Dough Types. Use yeast dough. Yeast Dough Cooking. Basic yeast dough recipe. Cooking technology 1. Flour can be made from such varieties of grain cereals as wheat, spelled, rye, buckwheat, oats, barley, millet, corn, rice and dagussa. The Krupchahka of the flour produced from wheat.

It is a necessary component in the manufacture of bread.

Over 40 nude in Krupchatka

Wheat baking flour is divided into varieties: Unites about species belonging to ascomycetes and basidiomycetes. Depending on the final product add salt, sugar, milk, fat and fruit.

Yeast dough - semifinished. Semifinished - a product that needs further, final processing. Most often under the Over 40 nude in Krupchatka products understand the culinary semi-finished products - frozen foods and other food products, from which you can easily Krpchatka food.

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It is baked in a stove or in fat, over steam or in hot water.