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Need some finals stress relief

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Breathe2Relax is a simple app that teaches breathing techniques as a way to manage stress.

Deep breathing has proven to be an efficient way to relax, reduce tension, and relieve stress. The app offers instructions and practice exercises to help users learn about diaphragmatic breathing, a stress management skill. The app works both with self-starters or those working with a therapist who want include breathing techniques in their treatment. If the commitment to yoga or mindfulness is too much, a simple breathing exercise is sometimes all you need.

Need some finals stress relief

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The accessibility of this app makes it a top choice when looking for a way to de-stress before any exam. Sing Me To Sleep. S l eep Time can help you with that.

Based on your data the app learns to wake Need some finals stress relief up during your lightest sleep phase.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so exhausted when you woke up, even after getting a full night of sleep? You likely were in the middle of a deep sleep phase. Sleep Time can assure you that even if you fall asleep late strwss you can still maximize your sleep efficiency.

During finals week it can be difficult to maintain a regular and healthy sleep schedule. Sleep Time has helped me to wake up and not feel groggy or disoriented. somme

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Slme said coloring books were just for kids? This highly rated app proves that coloring can help you to de-stress and let your Hott Hamilton girl unwind.

Take a few moments to yourself if you need a break from studying and paint which you can save to share on social media.

What I love about this app is that it allows your mind to wander. Colorfy can sometimes take the weight of final projects and exams off just by spending a few minutes creating art.

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Addison Dlott, 20, is an undergraduate student at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY, majoring in documentary studies and production. Our Channel Kindness reporters are trained to use their ears, eyes and hearts to find, recognize and share the everyday Need some finals stress relief heroic acts of kindness that fill our daily lives and shape our communities.


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Submit your story here! The Meditation App for You In the midst of exams, short and powerful relaxation techniques can be beneficial.

Over the course of finals week students usually have two goals: to do well on Here are some time-tested tips for relieving stress at finals. Any college student can tell you that final exams are stress-inducing. You don't need a scientific study to prove that you lose track of time when can take a minute walk, you can get some major stress-relieving benefits. So, fair warning: You can bet my tips to a better final exam will include has been shown to actually have adverse effects — i.e., poor grades).

Yoga, Anyone? Color Me Relaxed Who said coloring books were just for kids? Share now Coffee and Kindness March, Once you have Need some finals stress relief general understanding of where you need to focus your studying, you can plan your study schedule.

Pick blocks of stdess when you can avoid being disturbed, not just the night before the exam.

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Your brain needs to absorb information over a Looking for kinky of time to retain it. Confidence may seem like a stupid new age concept, but if you visualize yourself studying and doing well on the test, it can trick your mind into doing just that.

Each morning, visualize that A…. Your body is a machine, and your brain needs proper care. Your brain requires two things: A good workout and proper diet helps your brain think more clearly.

Ah, the company you keep… Stress is somewhat contagious — if you hang around with people who are freaking out, you just may freak out too. Chill out! Do something you really enjoy, like playing a game, hanging out with friends, listening to music or watching television or YouTube.

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You can experience jitters or crashes, so instead, consider water and healthier alternatives. The best thing!

Five Apps to Help You De-Stress During Finals Week - Channel Kindness

Especially since your brain rewires itself during sleep, do it to solidify your learning. Study, rest, remember better.

So take the ideas that work for you and use them going forward. If you are addicted to cafe lattes, so be it.

Do what works for you but keep an eye on the results. We hope our ideas help you reduce your stress during final exams. You now have a checklist of ideas to try and adapt to your own habits.