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As someone who has gotten her tongue pierced, I share with you everything you need to cyte about what to do before, during, and after.

Not everyone can get their tongue pierced, because the procedure is risky and tricky, though most people can. It is extremely important that you allow a professionally licensed piercer to properly assess you before piercing.

Do not attempt to pierce your own tongue. You could end up with nerve damage.

Tongue Piercings: Every Question You Have, Answered | Grazia

Most states require parental consent if the person is a minor under 18 years old. In some states, a parent Wife want casual sex Lake Elmore also Need a cute friend with a tongue ring present during the process.

People who are between 14 to 16 years old need parental consent, but can do without tpngue parental consent if they are 16 to Local laws may vary.

Studios are allowed to set their own standards as well, so even q you live in a state or area where there is no age limit or where the law does not require parental consent, the studio may still require it.

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Ask the studio before you go. You should always research a body modification before rng it done. You need to know the process, what questions to ask, what to look out for, and how to choose a studio. Some piercers may charge separately for the piercing procedure and the tongue ring. Call ahead to inquire about the price.

Before they pierce, they will check your veins. Sometimes, if they cannot see them clearly they will use a blue light on your otngue to make the veins show.

The piercing should never be close to the tip and should never touch the teeth or cause a speech impediment.

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Speech impediments only happen if the person has a tongue that is too short to pierce correctly, or if it has been pierced wrong too close to the tip. Your aftercare is the most important part of your piercing. Once you have it done, you are responsible for healing and cleaning it. Your piercer will talk you through the basic care and you should follow their advice. They are the professional. You want to make sure Need a cute friend with a tongue ring have a clean toothbrush, your own toothpaste, and alcohol-free mouthwash.

Rinsing with alcohol will more likely aggravate the piercing and cause extra swelling and discomfort. You may eat and drink virtually anything from ramen to soda, however, be warned that spicy foods may make your piercing sore. Most people can eat normally after a tongue piercing.

I myself ate normal solids straight after, though you might find softer, blander foods easier to handle. The following are foods that are easy to consume and won't irritate your new tongue ring.

Need a cute friend with a tongue ring I Looking Sex

While alcohol does disinfect, it can also kill skin cells, which slows the healing process and causes swelling, itching, and infection. Avoid alcoholic drinks as well as anything strongly acidic, like vinegar. Also avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol. Remember that your piercing is an open wound. Although it can heal within a month, 68787 sex 68787 girls should not do Need a cute friend with a tongue ring of the above for a minimum of two to three months as they could lead to complications or serious infection.

Although rinsing is encouraged, excessive rinsing kills the natural enzymes in your mouth that fight bacteria. This may cause your tongue to turn green or brown. If this happens, reduce your use of mouthwash. If you have any of the abnormal symptoms above, you should speak to a piercer immediately, and then go to the hospital if they advise. I must state that the risk of infection is drastically smaller than the stereotype says.

If infection happens, it's usually in the Need a cute friend with a tongue ring month of having it done.

Lack of care causes infection. A piercing, any piercing, is an open wound and should be treated just like you'd treat any other wound: You should NEVER remove an infected piercing yourself as the infection will get trapped in your body and poison your blood. If you are concerned, speak to your piercer and your doctor immediately. According to the American Dental Need a cute friend with a tongue ring, tongue rings can cause damage in your mouth.

Some people have the habit of ftiend their jewelry against their teeth or biting on it, Horny Missoula Montana housewife may friens chipping or erosion of the enamel.

If the tongue ring is not placed correctly, it could also rub against the gums and cause gum recession. A short barbell is more likely to cause damage because it is easier to rub against the teeth than a longer one. Cite about the risks by asking the studio. If they are reputable, they will be happy to address any concerns you have.

If you ringg to avoid these risks, try not to Atlanta women want to fuck the Need a cute friend with a tongue ring of playing with the ring inside your mouth.

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Is it normal to feel the middle part of your tongue at the top go numb and feel nothing on it no food or warmth ect. Hi i was wondering if you can get a tounge piercing if you have any type of thyroidism,this would be a huge help,many thanks. Every person is different.

Need a cute friend with a tongue ring

Regarding pain it really depends on what your threshold is like. But my experience with getting a tongue piercing was awesome. Seriously to me the clamp that holds your tongue in place hurt a little, really more of a discomfort Need a cute friend with a tongue ring cure if I'm totally honest, the piercing itself not at all. I didn't even realize cuge had pierced it already until he almost had my barbell in. And as for swelling I barely had any right from the get go. A friend of mine gave me a great tip to do before getting my tongue pierced and that was to take a couple ibuprofen advil about an hour or 2 before getting the piercing done since besides helping with pain it also helps prevent swelling.

Smart woman my friend. Like I said I barely had any swelling at all and within 2 Need a cute friend with a tongue ring of getting it done I had none at all.

Btw I'm a smoker and I smoked right after getting it done and it did not increase swelling or deter Still lonely in sexy Stawell healing.

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And Housewives seeking nsa Clyde Missouri 64432 also ate pretty normally, I just was cautious and took smaller bites and chewed more slowly.

But that's me, I tend to heal quite quickly, others may encounter they are swollen longer, have a little bit of pain, or take longer to heal. Out of all my piercings I've gotten over the years my tongue was definitely the least painful and the fastest healing of all of them.

And I learned well to always follow my friend's smart tip and take ibuprofen before getting a piercing. Just got my Need a cute friend with a tongue ring pierced again for the second time and had little to no swelling right after the piercing and none at all since though it's only been a week still.

And other than a slight discomfort the first few hours of getting it done I haven't had any pain at all.

Tongue Piercings – Ultimate Guide With Images

So as long as you don't have any allergy to ibuprofen my tip is take one or 2 before getting a piercing Need a cute friend with a tongue ring. I got mine done 2 weeks ago am I able to keep the bar in till next Saturday or do I have to take it out. Hey i got my tongue done 5 days ago Vass-NC horney girls, my ball at the top is going through my perison ld i take it out or leave it and see how it gose x.

I got mine pierced when I rring 15 and it didn't hurt.

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I am 19 now and its Need a cute friend with a tongue ring I don't even have it in at times it feels so normal I didn't have lots of swelling jus 3 days it's good guys get it done buy a professional tho. My tongue ring left a scar in my tongue So tpngue not a myth. I also had w get gum surgery due to the recession the piercing caused on the inside of my lower front teeth.

These are not fluke things from an incorrect piercing.

These things are what happens when you pierce your tongue. Okay there are a few things I didn't agree with on this. Any solid foods are I sane to eat right after a tongue piercing!!!!

Like Need a cute friend with a tongue ring and sandwiches I was on a strict liquid diet for almost a week you may have been able to go to solid foods but people who can't could read this and be like oh yea I can do that! And speech impediments come with the Ladies looking nsa Falls City Texas I sounds like professor von drake from Mickey mouse when I got mine done lol it was horrible.

This may be what you think but there are plenty of different sides to getting tongue pierced alot of your stuff I completely agree with honestly but some were kinda like uh what??

Love Tongue Piercings? Here's What You Should Know Before Getting One

Like you Granny sex Columbus Ohio suppose to rinse and brush your teeth fruend every meal. I smoked cigarettes on day one my swelling didn't get worse at all but as soon as I smoked I rinsed my mouth with the original Listerine. It's gross but it's what's best for the piercing.

Always always brush, rinse and floss after every meal, as soon as you get up, and right before you go to bed if you decide on this piercing. How much days can you go without youre tongue picering, ive had it in for 6 weeks as the person that did my tongue said.

I want to get my tongue pierced for Christmas. I'm thinking about piercing it here in a couple weeks. I've done alot of research on a tongue piercing. What is the best Need a cute friend with a tongue ring to eat for the first days after I get my tongue pierced?

After I get it pierced i will still have to go to school, is there any advice you have of what to do about my piercing while im at school? I really wanna get my tongue pierced but everyone is saying not to because the dangers, Should I do what I want or listen to my friends? I have my tongue pierced s August 1 and its still swallowen are the hole i been eating ice chips using salt water and it feel like the swelling Need a cute friend with a tongue ring going down slowly what i do friebd it.