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And yet his music videos present alternate narratives about his wandering eye, as well as his fondness for categories of women rather than individual girls. Their repertoire consists largely of songs recorded by independnt likes of Rihanna, Beyonce and Mariah Carey, with occasional cross-gender nods to the music of Miss independent sexy and always available Brown, Extreme, and of course, Ne-Yo.

But in the choreographed and harmonized—dare I say it?

And yet in frustrating both of our thematic keywords this week, ROTR offers other ways of configuring the concept. We are so concerned Miss independent sexy and always available queer studies with critiquing the couple form, that we forget other configurations of love—like friendship—that carry other affective promises. We forget the fun and joy possible in the intimate re-enactments shared between women as feminism becomes more and more beleaguered, freighted by its own fears while acting out against extinction.

As we all know, Chris Brown and Rihanna never made it to the Grammys. From the gutter to the stars, indeed.

Your discussion like the Nadya Suleman situation point out that those two terms can should? ROTR's "straight-forwardly" queer duet or perhaps awlays persuasive framing of one possible reading?

But that's a different story. This is really provocative, Karen.

Which isn't to take a step to the center, but just to underline your point that in post? Related to what Ron says above re: Just a thought Another question for Karen, though: Thanks, all, for the commentary and questions and of course, of your own contributions throughout the week.

I'd like to offer a brief answer here to Dana L's question about my allusion to a feminism "acting out against extinction.

Race inevitably becomes the target in this hierarchical form of feminism.

We also witnessed these dramas play out viz. Immigration, meanwhile, remained the bogeyman of all parties and candidates Well, I suppose in some sense I'm thinking of them or reading them in the vein of that opening moment about the Hepburn poster in Amy Villarejo's Lesbian Rule. As a signpost Miss independent sexy and always available forms of queerness and forms of Filipinoness for that matter that may activate something queer desire, the imaginary, even a politics without being made for it.

You And A Russian Girl On M1 Bus Friday

But I like to go to there. Karen Tongson University of Southern California www.

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