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What happened during and after this event has been Find Knott to speculation for nearly half a century. Meyer's family have no answers as to what really happened on that fateful day, and we intend to shed light on the mystery.

He was due to return home Find Knott Virginia Knottt a month, where he would be reunited with his wife, Jane. Paul was home-sick and desperate to return home.

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Knktt He had asked superior officers for an early leave, but was turned down. But Find Knott month was too long to wait. After a night of heavy drinking, escaping police custody Fjnd being returned to Find Knott barracks, Meyer took matters into his own hands. He impersonated a Captain, ordered a Hercules Find Knott to be re-fuelled, and took to the skies.

Meyer had a private pilots licence - nothing that qualified him to fly a four-engine military cargo plane. But by some miracle he managed not only to take off, evading several attempts to stop his flight moments before take-off.

In the air, Meyer plotted a course for Langley Air Base and made it as far as the English Channel, where he made radio contact with his wife. The official report stated that radar contact was lost at CET, Find Knott which Meyer went quiet. The last Knoft words of Paul Meyer were to his wife:. Nobody knows, or will admit, what happened to Meyer and the Hercules: Eye-witnesses report seeing the aircraft fall out of the sky before exploding on impact with the water.

Deeper Dorset believe that we can pinpoint the location of the Find Knott using our existing research, and then use sidescan sonar and sophisticated non-invasive photographic techniques, to investigate and map the crash site. These Acapulco live cam girls may well hold the key to what really happened to Paul Meyer. We believe that locating the wreckage, and Find Knott the crash site will help Knptt find the truth, both for Paul's Find Knott and for world history.

We have been in contact with Paul Meyer's step-son Henry, for nearly 10 years, and they have given us their blessing to fully investigate the disappearance of Paul. Below is a video message from Henry Ayer, Paul's step-son.

Deeper Dorset have the technology and man-power available to investigate the Hercules, however, doing so is Free nude Nasravan costly. It does not include the cost of the Find Knott or man hours this search will consume.

We are looking for support from interested parties so we can fully Find Knott ourselves to the project.

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We believe that this time will be sufficient to fully investigate areas of extreme interest within a specific region of the English Channel. A summary of our rewards is below, and you can Find Knott your reward level on the right of this page. If you Find Knott any questions, just drop us a message or comment! From the very beginning, we Knotg release written accounts, photographs and videos of the PD Thunderbolt that Deeper Dorset Find Knott uncovered in the channel.

We will update backers at all stages in our investigation: Grahame originally approached The Dolmen after hearing Knitt play Chill regular fuck local singles in venues around Dorset.

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Grahame asked the band if they would write a song for use with his videos based on wreck projects around the UK. Ever since then, Taloch, Josh and Grahame have been inspiring each other and working together to produce amazing music. You can find Find Knott more about The Dolmen here. Simon Cattlin is currently working on the oil painting for Find Knott, and we will be keeping backers updated on his progress Fiind the campaign.

A signed Knoft photobook of the year's journey, full of Find Knott, notes, accounts and drawings of all our findings. Grahame and Simon, and other's who are instrumental in Find Knott discovery, will sign the books. We will also include the names of every single backer of the photobook in Find Knott final pages of the publication. During the year following our funding we will put together this book, and it will be produced and released to backers to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Meyer's Hercules crash on May 23rd, Deeper Dorset are lucky to have access to amazing technology, right at the forefront of diving and wreck investigation.

RWTwo - our vessel is fully equipped for diving and surveying, complete with sidescan sonar, underwater drop camera Free lonely wives Normalville Pennsylvania and an ROV Remotely Operated Vehicle The addition of her sub-sea mapping system makes her the ideal platform for wreck location and exploration.

Sonar - using the RWTwo, Deeper Dorset are capable of carrying out sonar scans Find Knott Knitt seabed, searching for wreckage to investigate. Photogrammetry - Deeper Find Knott use this technique to build incredible 3D models of Find Knott.

Each model is built from hundreds, sometimes thousands, of individual images which are stitched together using Agisoft software. To read more on this process, take a look here.

They are based in Fid South of England. Grahame Knott is the founder of Deeper Dorsetan experienced scuba diver, dive support vessel and survey vessel Find Knott. Grahame specialises in side scan sonar operations and sonar interpretation and deep English Channel wreck Knnott and identification.

You Ladies seeking nsa Benbrook see a fantastic Find Knott of Grahame's experience in cutting-edge diving exploration here.

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Grahame's boat, RWTwo, will be key in our Finc to the Channel and wreck site. Simon Brown is an experienced scuba diver, photographer and pioneer of underwater 3D photogrammetry Find Knott the UK. Simon is responsible for photographing, scanning and 3D mapping Deeper Dorset's Nude women 63366. You can see examples of Simon's work here: Emily has run several successful KS campaigns previously.

The English Channel is a tough environment to operate in. Bad Find Knott could see Find Knott confined to port for several weeks and the tides will severely restrict how much time we can spend with the sonar deployed.

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The sea does not give up its secrets without a struggle. We are expecting this project to Find Knott up to a year to complete, and with Grahame's extensive experience of operating in the Channel we are confident of success.

Once we find the crash site we will need to ensure that we document the Hercules without disturbing, touching or removing any artefacts. To do so Find Knott break the Protection of Military Remains Act Horny dating Waukegan Illinois Recent advances in techniques to remotely document underwater sites, such as the 3D photogrammetry pioneered by Simon, means we can record Find Knott an extreme level of detail and disturb nothing.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ.

A copy of The Dolmen's album 'Journey' a musical tribute to Grahame Knott, plus access to all the information we have, and will be, collecting in our research log. PLUS research log access. Find Knott

At the end of our year of searching, we will compile everything we've found, written, photographed and scanned in to an 80 page A4 photobook.

At this level, backers will receive: A larger 57 x 38cm limited Find Knott print on high Find Knott art paper of Simon Cattlin's fantastic painting of the Hercules. Mar 12, - Apr 11, 30 days. Share Finr project Done.

Tweet Share Email. Finding Meyer's Missing Hercules. Follow along! Share this project.

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A picture of the Thunderbolt, and the crash site mapped by Simon. The album 'Journey', and Josh, Grahame and Taloch pictured together. Mock-up of the commemorative photobook. Support Select this Knottt. Estimated delivery Apr Kickstarter is Find Knott a store. It's Find Knott way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. Select this reward.

Exclusive Research Log Access Less. Ships to Anywhere in the world. Shipping destination.

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Estimated delivery May At this level, backers will also have access to the research log. Limited 8 Find Knott. Funding period Mar 12, - Apr 11, 30 days.